True Sourdough Spelt Bread

True Sourdough Spelt Bread

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Choose sourdough and leave your body feeling good!

Gluten Friendly: The long fermentation process breaks down gluten, so those who report sensitivity to commercial bread will find that eating sourdough is much more pleasurable experience. 

Nutrition: The process of fermentation has been proven to be beneficial for good gut health. The long fermentation process of making sourdough releases nutrients such as iron, zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, folic acid,and other B vitamins. The natural way this coccus allows our bodies to process them more easily.

It's Low GI: Sourdough is known for its low Glycemic Index (GI). By supplementing sourdough into your meals you'll feel fuller longer.

Quality: We utilize whole grains from Our Fathers Foods that have been incrementally crushed with the cells left intact delivering the best sourdough each time.

Purity: Our natural fermentation process means no additives or preservatives go into our bread and your body. All we need is crushed grains, water, salt and our starter.

Flavor: The lactic and acetic acids released during the fermentation process of baking sourdough help in building superior flavor in the final loaf

Texture: The fermentation process involved in making sourdough characterizes each loaf with a unique texture both inside and out. This is a full body bread that is made with love!

Support Local: Artisan sourdough can't be mass produced - when choosing real sourdough, you're supporting local bakeries.


Sourdough Starter, crushed wheat #1, crushed whole spelt, water, unrefined sea salt