EAT Food for Life Farm's Guiding Principles

Faithful Stewardship - As a faith-driven farm, we honor our Creator by caring for our land and our animals through chemical-free farming and ethical methods of raising animals. Our land and crops are certified organic and our animals are fed chemical-free grain or grass from the farm for ultimate health.

No Secrets
- We always invite our customers to come visit our farm and see for themselves how we raise our animals and grains. 

Honest Labeling
- Trust is a hard thing to earn, and once broken, you may never get it back. We desire to build long-term trust by being transparent on our labels and by letting you get to know us and see our production practices for yourself.

Shared Success
- We believe our mission is to produce chemical-free, nutrient dense, safe foods for our community. We encourage and support others who share the same vision and hope to see farmers transition to a smaller regenerative approach and consumers who want real food. Together we can provide foods that nourish, protect and support life for improved health and energy.