Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does a Herd Share Work? 

It is illegal in the state of Ohio to sell raw milk. However, raw milk can be obtained through a herd share. A person may purchase a share in a dairy cow herd and then pay boarding fees for their cow when they pick up dairy products. Our boarding fees are reflected in the amounts shown for individual dairy units. 

Is Your Raw Dairy Safe To Drink?

Yes, S&D Smith Dairy, our dairy farm, is a RAWMI listed dairy with the Raw Milk Institute. We follow the Raw Milk Institute's Common Standards which are located on their website. A copy of our Risk Assessment and Management Plan (RAMP) and milk test results are available to the public under our listing at Raw Milk Institute.   

What Do Your Dairy Cows Eat?

Our Jersey cows are grassfed and on pasture for 6-7 months of the year. When they are not on pasture they eat fermented grass (hay). Twice daily, during their milking, they receive a small amount of soy-free organic grain from our farm. 

Are Your Cows A2?

5 years ago we had our cows tested and a little more than 80% of them were A2. We have been working toward 100% A2 cows and are in the process of getting them tested again to see where we are at. 

What Is The Lifestyle of Your Cows?

Our cows spend 6-7 months out on pasture. We do rotational grazing and regenerative farming. In the winter months they are outside eating fermented hay/grass.

How Do I Learn More About Raw Milk?

You can always visit Real Milk for more information at


What Do Your Beef Cows Eat? 

Our beef cows are 100% grassfed, eating pasture in the summer and fermented grass (hay) in the winter. 

What Do Your Chickens and Hogs Eat?

Our chickens are free to roam around and eat bugs and insects. They are also fed organic grains, which currently consists of spelt, corn and soy. We are working to reduce the soy content in their food and replace it with sunflower seeds. 

Our hogs are also fed a mix of organic spelt, corn, and soy, which is grown on our farm. They also enjoy organic skim milk from S&D Smith Dairy and an occasional apple or pear from our surrounding fruit trees. 

What Is The Lifestyle of Your Beef Cows?

Our beef cows spend 6-7 months out on pasture. We do rotational grazing and regenerative farming. In the winter months they have access to the outdoors, shelter and bedding.

What Is The Lifestyle of Your Chickens?

Our meat chickens are outdoors in the fresh air, scratching the ground and looking for insects. They also have huts where they find shade and water. 

Our egg layers have a large chicken coup with open access to the outdoors and our "mini woods" where they can enjoy the shade, bugs and fresh air. 

What Is The Lifestyle of Your Hogs?

Our hogs are outdoors in the fresh air where they can root, enjoy a mud hole, and nap in the sun.