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I have been buying my groceries from Eat Food for Life farm for the past couple of months now. They are truly a one stop shop for the highest quality whole, clean and nutrient dense food. They offer a herd share program for raw dairy products, grass fed meat, crushed and chemical free grains and even fresh vegetables. My favorite products are the raw cream and raw goats milk for my son. It has been extremely convenient for me to order food online and pick it up at a location near my home. They even do home delivery in Dayton. You should definitely check them out. You will not only have better tasting food but feel great in the process! 😁
Keren Wortham (Tipp City, OH)
Thank you so much for all of this wonderful information! We are so happy and thankful to have visited your farm and learned so much about pure healthy God-given nourishment! We have really enjoyed all the foods we have ordered and have found that we are always full and satisfied after a good healthy meal. It seems to us that the chicken, beef and pork is more filling than store bought meats. The rice is wonderful and we all are enjoying the dairy products. My husband has suffered with the corners of his finger cracking for several years and has not been able to keep them healed for long periods of time. He believes that the raw milk is healing his hands. He has tried everything and absolutely nothing has worked until now. Our daughter has been continually feeling better and we are praying for her body to come back into balance with all of this good nourishment. We are grateful for your help and all that you do.
The Castricones (Columbus, OH)
We would like to order 2 Smoked Gouda Cheese packets that you had as samples at the Farm House some time ago. It was so delicious. Whenever you have some made. We enjoy eating the bacon product (Pork fresh side) you supply. It has a wonderful flavor and taste and a much better substance than a bacon product from a grocery store. It makes a tremendous bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich!! We also use the Dairy Yogurt every day at breakfast. It cannot be compared with store bought at all. The yogurt is very thick and creamy and has a mild flavor. It is also good over cereal and with fresh fruit.
Walter and Mary Anne Federspiel (Dayton, OH)
We go to the Dayton location every Saturday. We come away with more information and a better understanding way we need whole food. Hubby was under the weather this week and it was suggested to try "Super Tonic". He drank it and just sweated a lot off and on all day. But it did help him. Thanks, Dan and Nancy
Donna Paull (Dayton, OH)
I love this family and the food they offer that supports my family's health and well-being. Dan and Nancy (and their kids) are always friendly, and their Saturday location in Dayton.
Sojourner (Dayton, OH)
Ethical & quality food in a Christian environment!
Amy Hilliker - Columbus, OH

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