Dozen Mixed Eggs

Dozen Mixed Eggs

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These pastured, free-roaming and chemical-free chickens produce eggs which are an amazingly nutritious food! The yolks are a deep yellow color which indicates the presence of nutrients and they are unlike what you've seen from the store.They are rich in vitamin A, D, DHA, and choline due to the wholesome natural diet of the chickens. Pastured eggs contain 2-10x the amount of Omega-3 DHA as eggs not raised on pasture* (reference under Research tab). And it's important to note that "Organic Eggs" and "Free-Roaming" eggs from the store does NOT mean they are pastured. It's tricky marketing language. 

These chickens are NOT fed GMO corn. Their natural diet consists of grasses, worms, insects, and food scraps/leftovers from the farmer's kitchen (which they love!). Chickens are NOT vegetarian by nature, thus eggs from vegetarian organic eggs are missing nutrients. These pastured chickens are also given an organic mineral rich supplement food. 

Chemical-free, non-GMO chicken feed.

The chickens have happy lives and are free to roam.

The "Certified Organic" eggs you find at the supermarket are from chickens mostly raised in barns, not on pasture, even if the box says "free-roaming". That's because in order to make that claim about "free roaming", they only need to be exposed to fresh air a small percent of their life. So making that claim is usually unjustified! You need to KNOW YOUR FARM and be able to call them an verify how they are treating the animals. (or go for a tour of the farm). 

"Certified Organic" eggs are certainly better than those for the typical battery egg. However, the USDA has determined that the chicken is a vegetarian, and they can be given no animal foods. Chickens are in fact, omnivores, and their eggs will be much healthier if they are getting animal foods. 

Pastured eggs have two parts to the white, a viscous part around the yolk and then a thinner part around the edges. This is a sign of freshness.  


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