Chicken Backs (for broth)

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These free-roaming pastured chickens are healthier, happier, and nutritionally superior to the commercial organic ones typically found in the grocery store. (Note: Buying "organic" chicken at the store does not mean you are getting a chicken who had a healthy life roaming and foraging outdoors in sunshine). E.A.T. Food for Life chickens get to forage naturally for their typical diet of insects, worms, seeds, and plants. All of their feed comes from our certified organic farm.Daily, they are freely roaming outdoors in the natural sunlight and fresh air rather than locked up inside a coop. 

Some of the benefits of consuming pastured chicken meat include:

  • Rich in Essential Fatty Acids (especially the skin, pastured poultry has more Omega-3's and vitamin D than commercial chicken).
  • Higher levels of vitamins E, C and beta-carotene.
  • Never given hormones, antibiotics or drugs.
  • No arsenic (given to all commercial chickens as an appetite stimulant).

COOKING TIPS:Cooking pastured chicken requires different techniques in order to ensure you do not end up with tough meat.You either have to cook the chicken at a much lower temperature, or you have to brine the bird overnight. Pastured chickens are leaner because they get lots of exercise, and they are not injected with any chemicals or water to inflate their weight (like the commercial brands are), so they can become tough if not cooked the right way.

Here are a blog post on this topic which gives you cooking tips:

Here's a great recipe on how to roast a whole pastured chicken so that it comes out very moist and tender: nourished kitchen