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What We Do to Support a Healthy Lifestyle...

Non-GMO, Chemical-free (organic), Grassfed, Raw, Nutrient-dense

Food - Weston A. Price Foundation
• Raw Milk and Raw Cheese
• Beef, Chicken, Pork (Beef is 100% grassfed and closed herd - angus)
• Eggs
• Bread, Pizza Crusts, Flour (flour is crushed, not ground)
• Kraut (fermented veggies in a jar) & Kombucha
• Nuts (Soaked and dehydrated)
• Produce Box (CSA)
• Honey and Maple Syrup
• Other stuff like Coconut oil, Salt, Super Tonic, Elderberry Syrup, Hawthorn Berry Syrup, etc
-Land is certified organic, animals are not certified (it costs too much).

Water - Kangen Water - Reduced Electrolyzed Water - (use your own input water)

Essential Oils - Doterra

If interested please place an order today....the time to get healthy is NOW...It is TIME!



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